News & Events

News & Events

11.02.2021 World-class research on 2D-ELDOR ESR spectrometer with ELVA-1 95 GHz 2.5 ns FWHM Transce

Developing 2D-ELDOR (2D electron-electron double resonance) techniques to better capture molecular dynamics with ELVA-1 95 GHz 2.5 ns transceiver

21.12.2020 Availability statistics for industry-first commercial 40 Gbps E-band wireless channel

See 2019-2020 year-round availability statistics for most advanced 40GE E-band 70-80 GHz wireless channel in the world

28.10.2020 11.3 Gbps Wireless Train-to-Ground Connectivity Testing

11.3 Gbps Wireless Throughput Reached at Train-to-Ground Connectivity Testing in 2020

12.10.2020 MobiBridge V-band 10GE radio for wireless inter-carriage connectivity

ELVA-1 announced the world’s first 10 Gigabit MobiBridge 10G solution for the transportation market

26.08.2020 New webpage for Gaussian Optics Lens Antennas, 18 to 400 GHz

Full range of Gaussian Optics Lens Antennas by ELVA-1 

24.08.2020 Millimeter Wave Signal Generator E-band and W-band

Signal generator with output frequency 68 to 88 GHz band (optionally up to 100 GHz), 1 ÷ 4 GHz bandwidth 

12.06.2020 ELVA-1 PPC-10G 10GE radios could be managed using Zabbix

Open-Source Network Management System available for PPC-10G 10 Gbps Radios   

13.05.2020 High-Power 197 GHz Microwave Source for Dynamic Nuclear Polarization (DNP) Imaging

197 GHz insensitive to magnetic field and low noise microwave source for making hyperpolarized carbon 13C pyruvate  Cambridge Institute

01.05.2020 19.5 km world record distance for ELVA-1 70/80 GHz 10 Gbps Radio Link

New world record for wireless range in E-band

25.04.2020 94GHz & 130GHz MM-Wave Bridges for EPR/ODMR spectrometers

Unique high frequency EPR/ODMR spectrometers operating at W-band and D-band

10.04.2020 Field Trial Experiment of 76 GHz Foreign Object Debris (FOD) Detection Radar

76 GHz Foreign Object Debris Detection Radar successfully passed field trial experiment 

07/04/2020 ELVA-1 team maintains operations in uncertain times

ELVA-1 is fully functioning 24x7 and works hard to deliver orders in time

17.02.2020 MM-Wave weapons-detecting radar

76 GHz weapons-detecting radar for explosive belts and IED

06.02.2020 DR-76 76GHz Docking Aid Radar

ELVA-1 announces berthing assistance radar with long-range operation

19.09.2019 95 GHz 2D-ELDOR ESR Spectrometer Contained ELVA-1 Transceiver was Presented at EUROISMAR

Heterodyne transceiver with ultra low noise figure, wideband AWG modulation capability and gated pulse widths of 2.5 ns 

11.09.2019 ELVA-1 has implemented SyncE and PoE in 10GE PPC-10G radios

SyncE allows mobile operators to synchronise LTE and 5G base stations over the radio channel

19.08.2019 Wireless world record of 40 Gbps at 11 km over Yenisei river

40 Gbps at 11 km over Yenisei river as wireless backup for Norilsk Nickel’s 40GE fiber channel backhaul    

12.08.2019 ELVA-1 designed 10GE radios will be supplied to MTS mobile operator in 2019

  Hundreds of 10 Gbps radios designed by ELVA-1 will be supplied to MTS PJSC, Russian largest mobile operator   

30.07.2019 Free testing for PPC-10G-E-HP 10 Gbps radio

Get PPC-10G-E-HP for testing of data speed and availability on 20 km for free.

30.04.2019 MMI-300R2 300 GHz millimeter wave interferometer

300 GHz (1mm wavelenght) millimeter wave interferometer (model MMI-300R2) is used for Jet plasma research 

30.10.2018 PPC-10G Upgraded to 17 dBm Tx power in QAM-128 @ 70/80 GHz band

ELVA-1 outdistances competitors with highest 10 Gbps output power at E-band.

30.06.2018 Announced 76 GHz Radar for Foreign Object Debris (FOD) Detection

Radar scans runway within 180-degree from its point automatically adjusting beam elevation angle to keep it over runway surface.

05.06.2018 PPC-1000-V 1GE 60 GHz Link as Alternative for FTTH/FTTP

Very low cost 1 Gigabit 60 GHz radio.

31.05.2018 All-weather 76 GHz Radar for Shunting Locomotive

ELVA announces E-band Radar with high accuracy for shunting locomotive.

04.04.2018 Etheric Networks Brings 10 Gigabit-Powered Service to San Francisco

PPC-10G radio link connects Bernal Hill tower to a broadband backhaul point 3.5 miles away in San Francisco, USA

21.03.2018 PPC-10G-E Radio installed at 15 km Trace for NOVATEK

Arctic version of PPC-10G-E radio was installed on record hop of 15 km (9.3 mi) over Pyakupur river in Northern Siberia. 

24.02.2018 Welcome to ELVA-1 Stand at Mobile World Congress 2018

See us at MWC 2018, Barcelona with long-range E-band High-Power 10-40 Gbps Millimeter Wave (MMW) radios.

23.02.2018 ELVA-1 Announced 10 Gbps Point-to-Multipoint Solution

10 Gbps Point-to-Multipoint (PtMP) solution as cheaper alternative to FTTH (Fiber To The Home).

22.02.2018 Low cost PPC-10G-E–LC at MWC-2018 in Barcelona, 26 Feb–1 Mar 2018

Product line of low cost 10GE radios on SiGe MMIC with QAM256 on-board.

16.02.2018 OMIL-03/xxx/1 Sub-Terahertz Sources

New sub-terahertz 220 GHz to 300 GHz custom-frequency oscillator (signal generator).

06.02.2018 PPC-10G-E-L2+ Radio with 4-port 10GE L2 Switch

New 10GE radio with advanced L2 switch available since Jan. 2018

25.01.2018 PPC-10G-E 10 Gbps Link Installed in Kopřivnice, Czech Republic

RGMT Group, ELVA’s partner has installed PPC-10G-E 10Gbps E-band Radio Link at 3.44 km trace over suburb area.

26.01.2018 Marcatel Installed ELVA PPC-10G-E 10 Gbps Link in Monterrey, Mexico

Marcatel has installed and  tested PPC-10G-E link according to RFC2544 at 3 km distance. 

15.01.18 PPC-10G 10 Gbps Link Installed in Murcia, Spain

Redlan Telecom Sl, Murcia-based telecom operator has installed PPC-10G 10Gbps E-band Radio Link

08.12.2017 SNS Research Listed ELVA-1 within Key Suppliers for 5G at 2017 - 2030

With its superior 10GE PPC-10G-E radio, ELVA is within 80 FWA worldwide 5G vendors.

23.11.2017 Proximal Soil Sensing by Terahertz Spectroscopy

“Terahertz Spectroscopy for Proximal Soil Sensing: An Approach to Particle Size Analysis” @ELVA THz Analyzer at publication in Sensors magazine...

31.10.2017 PPC-10G 10 Gbps in Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB) Germany

PPC-10G 10 Gbps mm-wave link installed for Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB)

ELVA Presented 20 GB link in New York

See report on ELVA's presentation of 20 Gbps radio in NYC

Welcome to NYC Public Demo of ELVA 20 Gbps MMW Radio

Invitation to live demo of 2+0 20 Gbps MMW radio

MMW Technology that Works at Heavy Rain

PPC-10G-E demo link on Manhattan, NYC has successfully withstood heavy rain at Aug, 2.

Live Demo of PPC-10G 10Gbps Radio in Manhattan, NY

See video report on PPC-10G 10 Gbps radio demo in New York City.

ELVA Pioneered in FCC Approval for 10 Gbps E-band Link

FCC Cert for ELVA-1 PPC-10G 70/80 GHz 10 Gbps MMW Link 

PPC-10G-E Declaration of Conformity to 2014/53/EU

PPC-10G 10 Gbps Link Complied to Radio Equipment Directive 

20 Gbps 2+0 Dual-radio Link

20 Gbps dual-radio link released to market

Seminar in Velbert, Germany for local ISPs and Operators

ELVA and TWS Technologies GmbH Held Joint Seminar on ELVA 10 Gigabit Ethernet Link 

TWS Technologies Confirmed 10 Gbps for ELVA MMW Link on 6 km by RFC2544

ELVA PPC-10G 10Gbps wireless MMW link had been tested by TWS Technologies in Twello, Netherlands on distance of 6.15 km (3.8 miles)

ELVA Tested 4x 10 Gbps MMW Links Working Together

ELVA Tested 4x 10 Gbps MMW Links Working Together at 4.2 km

4G+/5G Provides Great Opportunities for Last Mile 10+ Gbps Wireless

Notes from Mobile World Congress 2017 Harris Cains, Business Development Manager at RF Com (UK), ELVA-1 Partner

ELVA PPC-10G Link Selected for Trial in UK by Connexin

ELVA-1, European manufacturer of 10 Gbps MMW wireless links, today announced it is providing equipment to the Connexin, UK based ISP for extensive commercial...

10Gbps MMW Link Installed on 10 km Distance by Moscow ISP

ELVA-1 PPC-10G 10Gbps MMW link has been installed in Moscow for ISP application. Based on the latest 10Gbps Millimeter Wave wireless technology, this link...

ELVA-1 at Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona

Welcome to ELVA-1 Booth #6N28 at Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona

76 GHz Drone Detection Radar

76 GHz Drone Detection Radar

Revolutionary 10 Gig Wireless Technology Lands Angie Communications as Buyer

Revolutionary 10 Gigabit Wireless Technology Lands Angie Communications as its Largest Buyer

ELVA-1 announces promotion for 10 Gigabit Ethernet link

ELVA-1 announces promotion for 10 Gigabit Ethernet link 

10Gbps in Air over River Thames

10Gbps in Air over River Thames

PPC-10G life demo In London

PPC-10G life demo In London

Elva-1 at the exhibition

Live Demo of Elva-1 10Gbps PPC-10G Wireless Radio at Svyaz 2016, Moscow

2016-04-21 94 GHz Microwave Vibration Sensor

94 GHz Microwave Vibration Sensor

94 GHz & 130 GHz Microwave Transceivers for EPR ODMR Spectrometers

94 GHz & 130 GHz Microwave Transceivers for EPR ODMR Spectrometers 

71-76 GHz Frequency Synthesizer for Ioffe’s ODMR Spectrometer

71-76 GHz Frequency Synthesizer for Ioffe’s ODMR Spectrometer 

10Gbps wireless solution

World’s First 10-Gigabit Point-to-Point Millimeter Wave Radio Link Announced by ELVA-1

ELVA-1 D-band SGMW-D-PLL becomes operational at NCCU

D-band Time Resolved Millimeter Wave Conductivity experimental setup using ELVA-1 SGMW-D-PLL becomes operational at North Carolina Central University  

ELVA-1 successful ongoing pilot project at Leningrad railway station in Moscow

ELVA-1 SDM-76 radars bring extra safety to Moscow railway station

MM waves in wireless communications

UCSB researchers take aim at the potential bottleneck created by the growing flood of shared multimedia content on wireless networks

Take a look at some of our instalaltions...

BWO oscillator SGMW-D-PLL is used in Standards Research in Japan

BWO oscillator SGMW-D-PLL  is used in Standards Research in Japan

Oscillator at 84.5GHz with phase noise -102dBc/Hz@10kHz

    New product: ultra low phase noise fixed oscillator at 84.5GHz  

Fully automated frequency meter FM-WG/70/220

New product: frequency meter FM-WG/70/220

ELVA-1 was named strongest market-players by “Research and Markets”

  ELVA-1 was named strongest market-players by “Research and Markets”  

ELVA-1 launched a new product

Tracking and positioning system at 24GHz

Participation in premier annual industry event

ELVA-1 took part in European Microwave Week

ELVA-1 took part on traditional high power conference for mm-waves


Participation in the global series of ICT exhibitions and conferences

ELVA-1 took part on EXPO COMM Global Events 2012

ELVA-1 presented its mm-wave products and solutions on MIE2011

"2011 Microwave Industry Exhibition in China (MIE2011)" has been hold in Qingdao International Convention Center on June 1 - 4, 2011