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Waveguide components

ИллюстрацияStraight Waveguides, Bends, Twists, Transition/Adapter

Waveguide Directional Couplers

ИллюстрацияWaveguide Directional Couplers. ELVA series DC-XX 3-port directional couplers are available in six waveguide bands from 50 to 220 GHz. The standard coupling...

Circulators & Isolators

Иллюстрация26.5-220GHz Circulators and Isolators are ferrite waveguide components. There are two kinds of the products operating within narrow frequency band (1-4 GHz)...

Matched & Cryogenic Waveguide Loads, Tunable Shorts

Иллюстрация Matched and Cryogenic waveguide loads consist of tapered absorbers within a waveguide section. Tunable Shorts have micrometer screw to move short...