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Radar for Security Screening of Explosive Belts and weapons detecting

ИллюстрацияThis is mm-wave detecting radar for improvised explosive device IED-weapons 

DR-76 Docking Assistance Radar

ИллюстрацияRadar-based  BAS (Berthing Aid System) to prevent direct blows against the dock  

Millimeter Wave FMCW radar for Foreign Object Debris (FOD) Detection

ИллюстрацияELVA-1 FOD radar operates at 76 GHz searching debris at up  to 2000m distance at one loop. 

76 GHz Radar for Shunting Locomotive

ИллюстрацияE-band ELVA radar assists in coupling operations of shunting loco and railcar, operating in FCC unlisenced band.

mm-wave vibro sensor 24 and 94GHz

Иллюстрацияmm-wave vibro sensor 24 and 94GHz

SDM-76 Railway Radar

ИллюстрацияAll-weather SDM-76 Railway Radar

Radar level/distance/speed measurement

ИллюстрацияFMCW 94/10/x Millimeter Wave Distance non-contact Sensor (option X: 100 - 600mm Cassegain antenna) is a high-accuracy non-contact level measurement...

FMCW Radar at 94 GHz 1 Front-end 10mW

ИллюстрацияFMCW radar ar 94 GHz front-end is ideal instrument to build millimter wave radar and imaging system

Doppler Radar Front-end at 24 & 94 GHz


Pulsed Noise Radar Front-end at 94 GHz

FMCW Radar Front-end at 94 GHz 200mW


Custom-Designed radars, up to low THz