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PPC-1000-E 1.25 Gbps Low Latency E-band/Q-band link

ИллюстрацияPPC-1000-E 1.25 Gbps Low Latency Radio for High-Frequency Trading (HFT) and private microwave network infrastructure

PPC-350 Q&E band radio bridge

ИллюстрацияPPC-350 was specifically designed according to European ECC and US FCC performance requirements

TV / IP Broadcasting System


PPC-10G Q&E band radio bridge

ИллюстрацияPPC-10G 10Gbps Full duplex radio bridge

PPC-1000 Q&E band radio bridge

Иллюстрация The PPC-1000 product has 1000 Base-LX (optional 1000 Base-SX) connections at each end of the wireless link and transparently establishes the link...