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MobiBridge 10GE V-band radio for transportation market

Иллюстрация10 Gbps ELVA-1 MobiBridge radio for 5G complimentary wireless communication between carriages

Low Latency PPC-1000-E 1.25 Gbps E-band/Q-band/Ka-band link

ИллюстрацияPPC-1000-LL 1.25 Gbps Ultra Low Latency Radio for High-Frequency Trading (HFT) and private microwave network infrastructure 

PPC-10G-E-L2+ Radio with Advanced L2 Switch

ИллюстрацияPPC-10G-E 10Gbps Radio with L2+ Switch

PPC-1000-V 1GE MM-wave Link (Low Cost)

ИллюстрацияLow cost 1000 Mbps radio at 60 GHz band

PPC-10G Q&E band radio bridge

ИллюстрацияPPC-10G 10Gbps Full duplex radio link, the best performance 10 gbps radios in the industry