76 GHz Drone Detection Radar

76 GHz Drone Detection Radar

ELVA-1 announced its new project for design of 76 GHz drone detection DDR-76 radar. This type of radar is also known as anti-drone radar and intended to catch intrusion of unmanned aerial vehicles (also called drones, quadcopters, UAVs) on the protected area. ELVA-1 has reported on drone detection radar prototype availability.

A particularly anxious concern on UAVs have anti-terrorism forces, as most of the drones can not only take pictures, but also carry a small cargo payload that might be also explosive devices. Private property owners concern about drones equipped with GoPro or even professional camera. Controlled by some sorts of paparazzi photographers, that drones can violate people’s private life.

Due to very small dimensions and high maneuverability, the drones are extremely difficult to detect. According to the radiophysics, objects smaller than the radar wavelength does not reflect the signal at all. Therefore, conventional radar systems operating in the centimeter and decimeter waves are powerless against drones as were engineered for the identification of large airborne targets like planes and helicopters. Drone is composed of many small parts, and traditional radar does not see it. To detect the drone, it is required to use radar operating in the millimeter wave range, as wavelength is smaller than the drone parts. DDR-76 radar operates at 76 GHz or at a wavelength of 4 mm, catching the returning signal from a variety of drone small parts.

We also prepared the comprehensive review of all drone detection technologies, currently available on the market. Read it at http://droneradar.elva-1.com/why-76ghz-radar.

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