Updated ELVA-1 Company Profile 2024

“ELVA-1 Company Profile 2024” Booklet

ELVA-1 Company Profile: With its strong technical expertise, global reach, and commitment to collaboration, the company is well-positioned to continue its trajectory of success in the years to come.

ELVA-1 at GITEX 2023: Successful Exhibition Experience Report

ELVA-1 at GITEX 2023: Successful Exhibition Experience Report

GITEX 2023 postrelease: At the ELVA-1 booth we presented 10 Gigabit radios operating in the 70-80 GHz and 60 GHz bands. These advanced solutions are used to create wireless networks on a city-wide scale and to quickly offload data from vehicles in depots and bus terminals.

Foreign Object Debris (FOD) radar with compact drive unit, mm-wave E-band 76 GHz

Upgrade of mm-Wave E-band FOD Radar with New Drive Unit

Check out this exciting new FOD radar. Designed specifically to detect debris on runways, this advanced radar system has a remarkable distance range of 1000 meters. According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the radar is capable of identifying debris as small as a 1.2-inch high and 1.5-inch diameter unpainted metal cylinder. Don’t miss this incredible technology in action as it ensures safer takeoffs and landings for aircraft.

MobiBridge-10G V-band 57-71 GHz radio link (Black edition) with new mount

MobiBridge-10G Black Edition Ready-to-Ship

ELVA-1 announces the release of the updated MobiBridge-10G Black Edition radio link. Improvements include a new dual degree of freedom bracket and a lower metal plate that improves heat dissipation from the radio unit housing.