Foreign Object Debris (FOD) radar with compact drive unit, mm-wave E-band 76 GHz

Upgrade of mm-Wave E-band FOD Radar with New Drive Unit

Check out this exciting new FOD radar. Designed specifically to detect debris on runways, this advanced radar system has a remarkable distance range of 1000 meters. According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the radar is capable of identifying debris as small as a 1.2-inch high and 1.5-inch diameter unpainted metal cylinder. Don’t miss this incredible technology in action as it ensures safer takeoffs and landings for aircraft.

MobiBridge-10G V-band 57-71 GHz radio link (Black edition) with new mount

MobiBridge-10G Black Edition Ready-to-Ship

ELVA-1 announces the release of the updated MobiBridge-10G Black Edition radio link. Improvements include a new dual degree of freedom bracket and a lower metal plate that improves heat dissipation from the radio unit housing.

E-band Radars and Radar Sensors for Rail Applications

This ELVA’ blog article focuses on the use of millimeter-wave radars on railroads. Rail applications for radars include speed and range sensors for unmanned self-driving locomotives (also operating within industrial sites), assistance for shunting operations at rail stations, and safety application intended for preventing dead-end train collisions at stations and depots.


Millimeter Wave Marine Radar for Drone Boats (USV and ASV)

ELVA-1E-band marine radar provides improved situational awareness, autonomous or operator response to unexpected obstacles, and reliable performance. Its advanced digital technology is essential to the successful operation of an unmanned vessel and contributes to the overall safety and efficiency of maritime operations.

ARTICLE: Internet on trains: 5G or Trackside Network (TSN) — which will the market choose for Train-to-Ground?

Internet on trains: 5G or Trackside Network for Train-to-Ground Communication?

Read ELVA-1’s article about the three weaknesses of 5G connectivity for trains. First, low data download speeds, second, dependence on train speeds, and third, lack of 5G coverage outside of densely populated areas. Low data download speeds are a major weakness of 5G, which is critical for remote video surveillance on trains. That’s why train operators are building dedicated trackside networks in the mm-wave frequency range.

MobiBridge 10G radio links | Testing V-band 60 GHz 10Gbps V2N connectivity | ELVA-1

10 Gbps 60 GHz V2N Connectivity Test with MobiBridge Radios

This is ELVA’s video demonstration of high-volume data transmission technology from the vehicle to the operator’s network during a stopover (V2N, vehicle-to-network). The data is transmitted over a 10 gigabit 60 GHz radio channel using 10Gbps MobiBridge radio.

76 GHz SDM360-76RM Road Monitoring Radar

ELVA-1 Announced 76 GHz SDM360-76RM Road Monitoring Radar

ELVA-1 announced SDM360-76RM,  a mm-wave road monitoring radar with all-round (360°) visibility and 200m range. The radar works as a obstacle sensor for detection of road incidents including stopped cars, debris (FOD), collisions, passers-by people, and animals in the highway lanes and hard shoulder.