MobiBridge 10G radio links | Testing V-band 60 GHz 10Gbps V2N connectivity | ELVA-1

10 Gbps 60 GHz V2N Connectivity Test with MobiBridge Radios

This is ELVA’s video demonstration of high-volume data transmission technology from the vehicle to the operator’s network during a stopover (V2N, vehicle-to-network). The data is transmitted over a 10 gigabit 60 GHz radio channel using 10Gbps MobiBridge radio.

76 GHz SDM360-76RM Road Monitoring Radar

ELVA-1 Announced 76 GHz SDM360-76RM Road Monitoring Radar

ELVA-1 announced SDM360-76RM,  a mm-wave road monitoring radar with all-round (360°) visibility and 200m range. The radar works as a obstacle sensor for detection of road incidents including stopped cars, debris (FOD), collisions, passers-by people, and animals in the highway lanes and hard shoulder.  

Sub-mmWave 140 -220 GHz and 220- 300 GHz High ENR CW Noise Source

ELVA-1 Announced 140-220 GHz and 220-330 GHz Noise Sources Availability

Silicon IMPATT diode-based Sub-mm wave noise sources are unique ISSN-05 (140 to 220 GHz) and ISSN-03 (220 to 330 GHz) have the extended operating frequency range with the high level of noise power spectral density within the whole waveguide frequency range.