ELVA-1 Unveils a New MobiBridge-10G 10 Gbps Radio with 3D Electronic Beam Steering


Tallinn, Estonia – 04 July 2024 – ELVA-1 is proud to announce the latest model launch in its MobiBridge-10G series. This revolutionary 10 Gbps radio introduces 3D electronic beam steering to the telecom industry for the first time. The antenna scanning sector covers ±45° horizontally and ±20° vertically. This advanced feature enables the device to autonomously search for and connect to other MobiBridge units within its range at 10 gigabit speeds, setting a new standard in wireless communication technology.

MobiBridge-10G is a full-duplex 10Gbps wireless Ethernet radio link which offers a robust and flexible solution for modern connectivity needs, further solidifying ELVA-1’s position as a leader in mm-wave technology.

The ELVA-1 MobiBridge-10G is designed to deliver true 10 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity across various demanding applications within the V2X (vehicle-to-everything) and V2N (vehicle-to-network) transportation markets. It is ideally suited for data offload in depots, rail stations, and bus terminals, as well as for interconnecting train carriages and providing vessels with broadband Internet access while in port.

Operating in the 57-to-71 GHz V-band license-free frequency spectrum, the MobiBridge-10G supports up to 7 sub-bands to ensure compliance with national regulations worldwide. Each radio unit is equipped with a built-in electronically scanned antenna, simplifying deployment and enhancing reliability.

The new MobiBridge-10G model ensures enhanced reliability through the vertical arrangement of the case heatsink fins, which increases heat dissipation by convection and lowers the operating temperature inside the case. Additionally, the absence of an internal fan positively impacts reliability by eliminating the need for fan checks and maintenance.

The MobiBridge-10G is also engineered to perform reliably in all weather conditions, ensuring consistent and high-speed communication links regardless of the environment. 

For more information about the MobiBridge-10G and its groundbreaking features, please contact ELVA-1 representative:
Tel: +372 6 888 905
E-mail: sales@elva-1.com 

About ELVA-1
Founded in 1993, ELVA-1 is a pioneering company in mm-wave and sub-THz technology, dedicated to providing innovative and high-performance communication solutions. With a strong commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, ELVA-1 continues to lead the industry with cutting-edge products designed to meet the evolving needs of the global market.

ELVA-1 cutting-edge V-band 57-71GHz MobiBridge-10G radios are designed for 10gbps data offloading in the mass transit transportation industry. 

MobiBridge-10G is a product of ELVA-1 OU