ELVA-1 announces promotion for 10 Gigabit Ethernet link

ELVA-1 announces promotion for 10 Gigabit Ethernet link  

Elva-1, European manufacturer of ultrahigh-capacity mmwave wireless links, announces promotion for its flagship PPC-10G 10 Gigabit radio for customers worldwide. To adopt PPC-10G 10 Gbps radio for market more quickly, ELVA-1 offers significant discounts for those customers, who will agree to demonstrate the link “at live work” to prospective leads and provide public reference on their experience with PPC-10G. This promotion available both through ELVA-1’s reps and for direct buyers. 

PPC-10G is IP radio link, working in 70/80 GHz (E-band).  It provides 10 Gbps full-duplex throughput for single radio with easy aggregation to 4x 10 Gbps connectivity from the same footprint points using different frequency sub-bands and signal polarization.

At early August 2016, the PPC-10G link has been demonstrated in London, UK with live wireless traffic over the River Thames. Several UK and international mobile operators have expressed an interest in the system, especially as prospective deployment for 5G network backbones. Ian Cains, RF Com’s Managing Director (UK), reviews the launch event, ‘It will now be possible to offer a solution that is ready to provide the fastest, most accessible network anywhere in the world. We are extremely enthusiastic about working with ELVA-1 on embedding this technology into the UK and European markets”. This London demo followed by presentation of PPC-10G in St. Petersburg in July, 2016 for local businesses and press. 

PPC-10G 10-Gig millimeter wave platform is based on state-of-the-art MMIC chips, which support QAM 256 (Quadrature Amplitude Modulation) in digital data radio communications. Based on company long time experience in design of precision low noise mm-wave scientific instruments, ELVA-1 pioneered in implementation of QAM 256 technology for E-band to achieve best spectrum efficiency in the industry. For 70/80 GHz (E-band), QAM 256 currently brings a highest technically achieved spectrum efficiency for commercial 10 Gbps link.  

The radio is equipped with a 1” (30cm) or 2” (60 cm) antenna, which allows average distance range up to 4 miles (6.5 km) for Europe and northeastern & mid-Atlantic regions of the United States, while max range is 10+ miles for dry areas in south central part of US or in the Middle East. The link design also allows it to work at very cold places like Alaska or Northern Europe / Canada. Link lowest outdoor operating temperature is -58F/-50C  and the advantage PPC-10G over free space optics links is very clear because of 10 times longer range and the fact that 70/80 GHz band is practically not affected by snowstorm. 

PPC-10G is normally mounted in a rooftop or tower location, and contains slots for SFP/SFP+ modules to connect to a LAN/WAN network. The link is equipped with remote management, which allows controlling link operability remotely over the Internet.

For more terms and conditions on PPC-10G promotion, please email sales@elva-1.com .