PPC-1000-V 1GE 60 GHz Link as Alternative for FTTH/FTTP

ELVA-1 Announces PPC-1000-V 60 GHz Link as Alternative for FTTH/FTTP

License-free 60 GHz gigabit radio for up to 1 kmRadios operating in the license-free 60 GHz band (V-band) have characteristics that make them significantly useful for last mile gigabit connections. 

An important consequence of oxygen absorption is that radiation from one particular 60 GHz radio link is quickly reduced to a level that will not interfere with other 60 GHz links operating in the same location. This reduction enables the ability for more 60 GHz radios to successfully operate within one location.

Partly because of oxygen’s absorption characteristics at 60 GHz, various regulators across Asia, Middle East, Europe, and the Americas allow up to 100’s of Watts of Equivalent Isotropic Radiated Power (EIRP) for wireless transmissions in V-band. The wide bandwidth and high allowable transmit power enable gigabit or multi-gigabit connections.

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