Revolutionary 10 Gig Wireless Technology Lands Angie Communications as Buyer

Revolutionary 10 Gigabit Wireless Technology Lands Angie Communications as its Largest Buyer

Elva-1, the world’s foremost pioneer and expert firm in millimetre wavelength technology, its UK agent RF Com, and Angie Communications have agreed on terms for the quick delivery of Elva’s revolutionary mm-wave technology that delivers 10 Gigabit per second capacity per link.

Maarsbergen, Netherlands – October 25, 2016 – Angie Networks Limited, a new entrant to the telecoms market and part of the world’s largest telecoms start-up, today announced that the company has entered into an agreement with RF Com Limited, the agent for UK and Europe of Elva-1, the world’s pioneering and leading mm-wave R&D firm, for the delivery of multiple million pounds worth of equipment to deploy as part of Angie’s upcoming ubiquitous wireless Internet networks in the UK and globally.

Elva-1 is the developer of the PPC-10G, which heralds the next generation of radio links, offering speeds up to 10 times faster than existing technology on the market. PPC-10G is an all-outdoor, IP, mm-wave radio that gives Angie a full duplex data rate of 10 gigabits per second, per link. The links are intended for use in point-to-point applications such as Angie is intending to deploy in its Wireless Extreme backbone.
In coming months, Angie will roll out cutting-edge 5G-ready telecommunications networks in several cities and neighbourhoods in the UK, Europe and globally, delivering Gigabit connectivity directly to end-users under its Wireless Extreme brand.

Angie Networks Limited is part of Angie Communications International, which is building the world’s only multi-nation next-generation communications infrastructure, anchored on optical fibre infrastructure that the firm either directly owns or leases from -or builds in cooperation with- some of the world’s largest fibre network operators. In aggregate, Angie will connect its Wireless Extreme users to multi-(ten) terabit pipes.

Angie intends to deploy Elva’s 10 Gig wireless technology for wireless backhaul purposes in ten percent of its global projects, which would make Angie Elva’s largest customer.

Daniel Korneev, CTO and Director of Elva-1, stated on working with Angie, “This is a great opportunity to be in partnership with the world’s biggest telecom start-up company. We have the world’s first and only 10 Gbps wireless point-to-point link. When combined with Angie’s forward thinking and excellent industry relationships this will create the most advanced networks in the world.”

Ian Cains, MD and Director of RF Com Ltd, added, “RF Com are very excited about working with Angie and Elva-1 to bring them together and assist them in building the ultimate wireless networks around the globe. By utilising the Elva-1 10Gbps wireless point-to-point link, Angie will be deploying a world first in this type of technology. This will allow them to create ultra-fast networks rapidly, and provide full Gigabit coverage to major cities within only a few months.”

Neal Lachman, CEO of Angie Communications, said, “Angie has long standing relationships with most fibre network operators, but the deployment of Elva’s PPC-10G makes life much easier for Angie and its project partners. It’s a timely, revolutionary solution which wasn’t possible even three months ago. We’ll use this amazing technology for quick and fast deployment, and as an interim solution or even as an alternative for our local fibre backbone rings. However, in many cases PPC-10G units will serve as Angie’s long term backbone means. We went into this major agreement with a quick deployment in mind for Slough, London, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and so on. This sounds ambitious, but it’s just the beginning. Deploying PPC-10G links will help Angie to create multi-10 Gigabit backbone rings in a matter of weeks instead of months.”

Angie brings connectivity to thousands of buildings and sites in its markets, fully equipped with the most advanced wired and wireless technologies. As a result, Gigabit wireless speeds per user will become available. Parallel to its Gigabit Wireless Extreme service, Angie will also start providing 1 to 10 Gbps speeds to businesses at very competitive rates, soon followed by residential services at 1 or 10 Gbps per connection.

About Elva-1
Founded in 1993, ELVA‐1 is world renowned in the commercial industrial and scientific instrumentation markets as a trusted supplier of components and systems for frequencies from 30 GHz to 1THz. Since 2000, ELVA‐1 has designed and manufactured ultra‐high speed radio links according to ECC and FCC requirements. Their available link operating frequencies include 40.5‐43.5 GHz, 71‐76 & 81‐86 GHz, and 92‐95 GHz with emphasis on 71‐76 & 81‐86 GHz as the FCC has streamlined licensing rules for E‐band. Similarly, the European CEPT channel plan regulations (ECC Recommendation(05)07) for 71‐76 GHz and 81-86 GHz frequency band radios has opened EU wireless fronthaul, backhaul and network extension markets for point‐to‐point fixed wireless systems (FWS).
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About RF Com
RF Com Ltd were founded in April 2000, and partnered with Elva-1 in June 2001. We have a long term relationship with Elva, supplying their wide range of millimetre wave components and complete electronic solutions into academia and commercial industries worldwide. We have a long heritage in the communications market, from supplying base station equipment during the ‘comms boom’ in the early 2000’s through to assisting Elva-1 in distributing 350Mbps and 1Gbps E-Band wireless point-to-point links globally over the past 10 years.
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About Angie Communications
Angie was founded by an international team of highly qualified technology professionals. Angie’s team includes renowned visionaries and industry pioneers who have helped shape the 4G mobile, 5G wireless and Fibre-To-The Premises industries. Angie’s founding team has a combined 500+ years of experience in business; its executive team consists of industry pioneers and experts with a combined 300 years of telecom experience.
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