94 GHz & 130 GHz Microwave Transceivers for EPR ODMR Spectrometers

ELVA-1 company has been shipped two powerful microwave transceivers at 94 GHz and 130 GHz for Ioffe Institute. This equipment is intended to work as the part of EPR ODMR spectrometers operating in 3 mm and 2 mm radio bands.

ODMR & EPR spectroscopy explores nanostructure samples using the combined method of electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) and optical detection of magnetic resonance (ODMR). The EPR ODMR spectroscopy method is based on the irradiating by microwave energy a sample that is placed into a powerful electromagnetic field. The emergence of radio-resonance phenomena, including optical, shows the presence of impurities in nanocrystals, violations of the crystal lattice and other irregularities.

Today computer hardware technologies evolve towards miniaturization of the components using micro- and optoelectronics, spintronics (electronics, based on the electron spins, ie, the differences in electron rotation directions). Many labs all over the world work hard to develop so called quantum computer, which will have a tremendous performance while it has microscopic size. Accordingly, such computer components as memory, processor, input-output adapters will have nanoscale characteristics.

ELVA-1 company is one of the few in the world that is capable to design highly stable microwave (millimeter wave) oscillators and transceivers at frequencies of 94 GHz and 130 GHz. The equipment that has been supplied for Ioffe Institute uses millimeter wave oscillator whose output is splited and directed into transmitter and into receiver heterodyne.

The advantages of ELVA-1 millimeter wave oscillators and transceivers are as the following: frequency stability, low phase noise, ie, narrow spectrum (better than -100dB at 10 kHz offset at 94 GHz). The narrow spectrum with low phase noise is critical for the research of nanostructures by radio spectroscopy. The narrower the spectrum range of the illuminating signal is, the better is EPR ODMR spectrometer frequency resolution.

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