10 Gbps Radios for Mass-Quantity Delivery for Mobile Operator in 2019

With Synchronous Ethernet (SyncE) functionalty, PPC-10G-E radios are the best solution for 5G or LTE base stations deployment by mobile operators.

Bringing 10GE Internet connection to B2G clients is vey important. These are socially significant bodies as local hospitals, schools, social security services, and mostly in small cities and rural regions. Significant part of these connections will be 10GE wireless, while other ones by fiber.

Based on the results of the operator’s tender, PPC-10G-E radios were selected for the project. This PPC model operates in the frequency range of 70/80 GHz, for which the regulator has allowed a simplified notification procedure for registering radio links.

The PPC-10G-E radios are designed for 5G / 4G + / LTE wireless backhaul for mobile communications, Safe City/Smart City projects, wireless Internet access to large residential areas in urban and rural areas, industrial and transport enterprises in industrial and business parks.