ELVA-1 Announced 76 GHz Short-Range Marine Radar

Short range marine radar for collision free navigation of autonomous vessels, icebreakers and tugs

76 GHz marine radar 0-300 m with no blind zoneELVA-1 announced SDM360-76,  this is a short-range marine radar with all-round (360°) visibility. The radar works as a obstacle sensor for installation on icebreakers, large sea tugs, rescue vessels, as well as any vessels with automated collision free navigation system.

The absence of a blind zone allows ELVA-1 SDM360-76 radar to measure the distance between the vessel and possible obstacle (other vessels around, port facilities, coastline) within the range from 0 to 300 m (up to 0.162 nmi) with a very high accuracy.

Contact ELVA-1 team for any inquiries regarding SDM360-76 marine radar and availability to get it for testing on your vessel.

See SDM360-76 marine radar product page for specifications.