94 GHz Microwave Vibration Sensor

94 GHz Microwave Vibration Sensor 

Vibration in the machinery in most cases is regarded as a harmful factor that accelerates the destruction of equipment, engineering infrastructure and even buildings. The primary applications for microwave vibration sensors RVS-94 are oil and gas industry, power generation, marine engine building, machine tools, turbine construction (steam and gas turbines), automotive and aircraft engine design etc. Service and repair enterprises engaged in the maintenance of aircraft and marine engines, compressor systems, large diesel and gas turbine power generators also in need of vibration sensors. 

The majority of microwave vibration sensors on the market work in the band from 3 GHz to 30 GHz. However, the higher is probing frequency, the more accurate is vibration measurement. 94 GHz vibration sensor brings unprecedented accuracy for measurement of vibration parameters like amplitude and frequency. RVS-94 sensor could work in the rough conditions that are beyond the limits of laser and ultrasonic vibration sensors.

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