Upgrade of mm-Wave E-band FOD Radar with New Drive Unit

ELVA-1 announced an upgraded E-band 76 GHz Foreign Object Debris (FOD) radar version. 

EELVA-1 Foreign Object Debris (FOD) radar with compact drive unit, mm-wave E-band 76 GHzLVA-1 announced a FOD radar upgrade with a new compact and lightweight drive unit. The radar weight with the drive unit is now 80 kg only in total.

The FOD Radar, which stands for Foreign Object Debris Radar, is a game-changer when it comes to runway safety. This is a radar system that can scan runways up to 1000 meters away, identifying potential hazards and debris that could pose a risk to aircraft during takeoff and landing. 

What’s more, the FOD Radar isn’t just about detecting any debris; it’s incredibly precise. Thanks to its advanced capabilities, it can spot objects according to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirements. The radar is capable of identifying FAA sample debris as small as a 1.2-inch high and 1.5-inch diameter unpainted metal cylinder located as far as 1000m away.

ELVA-1′ FOD radar can monitor a runway for up to 2000 m considering the ability to check the surface 1000 m left and 1000 m right from the point of installation. 

Please feel free to contact ELVA-1 for the FOD radar price.