MMI-300R2 300 GHz millimeter wave interferometer

TAE Technologies shares with us manuscript on combined millimeter wave and CO2 interferometer

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ELVA-1 greatly appreciates “A combined millimeter wave and CO2 interferometer on the C-2W Jet plasma” manuscript received from R. J. Smith and TAE Team. 

A two wavelength tangentially viewing multi-chord interferometer has been built for the Jet plasma of the C-2W experiment at TAE Technologies. A novel 1 mm wavelength interferometer has been developed to be used simultaneously with a CO2 laser interferometer to provide full coverage of the Jet plasma and thetranslating field-reversed configuration (FRC) plasma before merging. 

Read this manuscript at PDF file.

The illustration below shows ELVA-1 300 GHz (1mm wavelenght) millimeter wave interferometer (model MMI-300R2) at the place of installation in TAE.

300GHz interferometer