20 Gbps 2+0 Dual-radio Link

20 Gbps 2+0 Dual-radio Link

Since June 2017, ELVA’s PPC-10G 10 Gbps can be configured into 2+0 20 Gbps dual-radio link using Dual Polarised Adaptors (DPA).

This brings more compact solution for carriers and ISPs desiring a “future proof” wireless backbone. Either of 10 Gbps radios in 2+0 configuration works independently, therefor overall channel availability is greatly increased.

Yes, this is 20G in one footprint!

See video about this advanced product.

During this demo video, 2x 20 Gbps 2+0 dual-radio links were used to build 40 Gbps aggregated wireless channel for ultra-high wideband applications.

The PPC-10G link uses the advantage of millimeter wave technology that allows fully eliminate RF interference between up to four neighboring radio links with two easy technics. First, by using vertical (V) or horizontal (H) polarization of RF signal. For the PPC-10G link, the choice between H/V polarization could be done during the link installation by mechanically rotating the transceiver according to “V” or “H” labels on antenna. By default, when mounting the transceiver to the antenna, it is recommended to choose “V” (vertical) polarization on both radios of the link. In the scenario of installing two parallel PPC-10G links from the same position (as for 2x 10 Gbps channel aggregation), the technician could set vertical polarization for the first link, and horizontal polarization for the second link.

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