Vehicle-to-Network Data Offloading Field Test: ELVA-1 MobiBridge-10G vs. Mikrotik WAP 60G

In our booklet, we claim that the MobiBridge 10G can offload a 600GB file in less than 10 minutes. And in this test, it’s time to show you the truth of that.

ELVA-1 MobiBridge-10G field test vs. Mikrotik for 600GB data offloading
Photograph of the test platform in the field position for data offloading experiment

In the European Union (EU) and numerous other nations, the use of onboard video surveillance and dash cameras has become mandatory. The improvement of safety and efficiency in urban transportation relies significantly on the extensive data generated by mass transit systems throughout their operational day. Modern bus fleets and light rail vehicles come equipped with a multitude of sensors and high-resolution onboard cameras. Today, mass transit operators are widely adopting wireless file transfer technologies for Vehicle-to-Network (V2N) data offloading.

Data offloading of 600 GB file in less than 10 minutes

Photograph of the MobiBridge test platform in the lab for data offloading experiment
Photograph of the MobiBridge test platform in the lab for data offloading experiment

In the MobiBridge-10G product booklet, we assert that this 60 GHz 10Gbps wireless Ethernet device can offload a 600 GB file from a vehicle’s SSD disk to an operator’s network in less than 10 minutes. Consequently, a full-scale field test of data offloading was conducted in the ELVA-1 lab facility. The experiment aimed to demonstrate the actual data transfer rate at two typical distances for MobiBridge-10G.

CTOs in the transportation industry often inquire about the advantages of MobiBridge-10G over other data-offloading technologies. To illustrate this, we compare two wireless terminals operating in the 60 GHz license-free band. The first one is our MobiBridge-10G, and the second one we selected is the ‘Mikrotik WAP 60G’ 1Gbps terminal, widely available on the market. In other words, a 60 GHz band 1Gbps Mikrotik WAP 60G device was chosen as a ‘sparring partner’ for ELVA-1 MobiBridge-10G.

We set up two communication points in the ELVA-1 lab, each equipped with a MobiBridge-10G and a 1Gbps Mikrotik device, both installed on tripods. Then, we positioned these communication points on each side of the wireless channel. Considering that MobiBridge 10G is designed for short-distance operations, two distances were chosen: 10 meters and 20 meters, as typical distances from a vehicle to a depot’s wireless AP (access point).

Diagram of the field test of  ELVA-1 MobiBridge-10G vs. Mikrotik for 600GB data offloading
Diagram of the field test of ELVA-1 MobiBridge-10G vs. Mikrotik for 600GB data offloading

On one side, the data source is an SSD disc with a 600 GB file, and on the other side, the radios are connected to the local network, and the transmitted data is written to the server storage. This simulates the situation when a bus, train, subway, or light rail vehicle is uploading video and data files accumulated during a working day to the mass transit operator’s network.

The first test was conducted at a distance of 10 meters. The MobiBridge-10G completed the offloading of the 600GB file in less than 10 minutes, operating at 10 gigabits per second. Meanwhile, the MikroTik 1Gbps radio, at a distance of 10 meters, took over an hour and a half to complete the upload of the same 600GB file.

Then we moved the pairs of radios further away, positioning them at 20 meters. MobiBridge 10G has slightly reduced transmission speeds to 7 gigabits per second but still shows outstanding performance. MobiBridge 10G has adaptive modulation; it adjusts the transmission rate according to the operational distance. At a 20m distance, it uses 32 QAM modulation type, corresponding to 7 gigabits per second full-duplex throughput, which is supported up to distances of 100 meters.

The course of testing is shown in the video above, which is offered to your attention. By the way, at a 20m distance, the MikroTik radio took the same one and a half hours to upload the same 600 GB file.

In conclusion, ELVA-1 presents MobiBridge-10G as a comprehensive solution for the rapid offloading of data and video files from diverse mass transit fleets, encompassing buses, light rail, subways, streetcars, and ferries.

The seamless automation of the data and video uploading process not only results in substantial cost savings for transportation companies. This integration enhances the accessibility and value of real-time data and video, thereby contributing to the optimization of mass transit system efficiency and safety.

ELVA-1 cutting-edge 60 GHz MobiBridge-10G radios are designed for 10gbps data offload in the mass transit transportation industry.  E-band radio link was also in the booth. It offers high capacity up to 10Gbps full duplex and a light licensing scheme in many countries, ensuring freedom from interference at low costs of spectrum usage. 

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MobiBridge-10G is a product of ELVA-1 OU
Mikrotik WAP 60G is a product of SIA Mikrotīkls