PPC-10G Upgraded to 17 dBm Tx power in QAM-128 @ 70/80 GHz band

ELVA-1 Announces New Technology Breakthrough


Our continuous pursuit of engineering excellence has produced an upgrade to PPC-10G radio links that enables the world’s longest 10 Gbps path range in the 70/80 GHz band. Transmit (Tx) power of our basic model is now 17 dBm (50 mW) in QAM 128 mode.


PPC-10G 10 Gbps radios have a long-established reputation in the PTP E-band radio link market for high performance, longest path range and greatest stability in inclement weather. This new breakthrough provides us a major advantage over our competitors.

Our basic 70/80 GHz PPC-10G-E model has received an upgrade that boosts its transmitter output power at higher modulation schemes. In QAM 128 mode, the transmitter power (Tx power) is now +17 dBm (an increase of +7 dBm over the previous +10 dBm standard), which corresponds to 5 times increase in Tx power (now 50 mW vs. previous 10 mW). Consequently, the standard PPC-10G radio link now operates in QAM 128 modulation scheme with 10 Gbps throughput at a power level that is only available on competitors’ equipment with low throughput in QPSK/BPSK mode.

Although higher modulation schemes typically reduce radio link path distance at greater transmission speeds, this engineering breakthrough enables 10 Gbps speeds in the QAM 128 modulation realm at greater distances. The improved performance applies to the basic PPC-10G-E link, as well as to the model PPC-10G-E-L2 with built-in 4-port switch 10GE, and to the PPC-10G-E/2+0 with dual 10 Gbps paths for a 20 Gbps link (10 Gbps + 10 Gbps).

For public demonstration of this technological achievement, ELVA-1 hereby invites any service provider in the industry, including telecom operators, WISPs, enterprise clients, Safe City operators, data centers, network service providers, etc., to conduct comparative testing of our standard PPC-10G radio with a competitor’s nearest equivalent equipment, and then publish the results. In support of such testing, ELVA-1 will provide a new radio link for a 6-month test period in the provider’s location at no charge.

In our highest-powered PPC-10G-E-HP extended-range model, this technological improvement increases transmitter power to 27 dBm (500 mW), which is an industry record for radios in the 70/80 GHz band. This model’s previous Tx power of 300 mW was already the highest in our market, so the increase to 500 mW creates a daunting technology gap between the PPC-10G-E-HP link and competing equipment. Additionally, the receiver sensitivity has been improved due to a reduction in receiver noise figure (Rx NF) to 3 dB (previously 5 to 6 dB). This enhances the PPC-10G-E-HP’s 10 Gbps signal reception stability at maximum distances.

We believe that PPC-10G radio links are clearly the best solution for building wireless backbones with high availability in inclement weather conditions. Examples of such applications are urban-scale backbone networks, Safe City, 4K UHD TV traffic or 10-gigabit communication lines between objects separated by extended obstacles (inaccessible property, natural obstacles, etc.).

PPC-10G-E 10 Gigabit Ethernet radios with this improved technology are available now. Please send your request via email to: sales@elva-1.com.