MobiBridge-10G Black Edition Ready-to-Ship

ELVA-1 announced an upgraded version of the V-band 60 GHz MobiBridge-10G radio link

MobiBridge-10G V-band 57-71 GHz  radio link (Black edition) with new mount

ELVA-1 announces the release of the updated 10 Gbps MobiBridge-10G Black Edition radio link. The radio operates in license-free V-band within the 57-71 GHz spectrum. The max operation distance is 400m.

Improvements include a new dual degree of freedom bracket and a lower metal plate that improves heat dissipation from the radio unit housing.

The new bracket allows the MobiBridge-10G radio to be easily mounted on vertical supports. This improvement will be useful for use cases where the MobiBridge-10G radio link is used in streetcar depots and bus terminals to communicate with vehicles.

The MobiBridge-10G radio link can also be used in seaports to connect cruise ships and ferries with a large number of passengers to broadband Internet through the port IT infrastructure.  Similarly to land transportation, the MobiBridge-10G radio link can be used for crewless vessels to download route data and update the software of the vessel’s technical systems. 

Depot data offload for light rail with MobiBridge 10 Gbps radio

Sea port data Internet connectivity and data offload for ferry or cruise ship with MobiBridge 10 Gbps radio

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