Ship-to-shore 10 Gigabit Wireless Connectivity with MobiBridge-10G

Ship-to-shore 10-gigabit wireless connectivity with MobiBridge terminals
In our new article “Ship-to-shore 10Gigabit Connectivity: 60GHz MobiBridge-10G Terminal as Low-Cost Complement to Satellite Internet for Cruise Ships and Ferries in Ports” on Linkedin, we primarily focus on the capabilities of wireless 10GbE Ethernet 802.3 to deliver a cheap broadband connection between a ship and shoreside network infrastructure.

When the ship is moored, there is no need to connect the onboard network to the Internet via satellites. An engineer from the ISP’s port service can come aboard, install one MobiBridge-10G terminal on the ship, and connect it to the onboard LAN.

Another MobiBridge-10G terminal is placed on the pier, within a range of 100 meters. The MobiBridge-10G terminal on the pier is connected to the port’s IT infrastructure, providing the ship with a direct, high-speed 7 to 10 Gbps wireless link to the shore-based network.

The MobiBridge-10G terminals are equipped with electronically scanned antennas. As soon as one terminal comes within range of another, a wireless connection is automatically established. In contrast to industrial Wi-Fi with half-duplex communication, the MobiBridge-10G terminals use 10GbE Ethernet protocol and provide full-duplex communication.

ELVA-1 cutting-edge 60 GHz MobiBridge-10G radios are designed for 10gbps data offload in the mass transit transportation industry.  E-band radio link was also in the booth. It offers high capacity up to 10Gbps full duplex and a light licensing scheme in many countries, ensuring freedom from interference at low costs of spectrum usage. 

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MobiBridge-10G is a product of ELVA-1 OU