ELVA-1 launched a new product

Tracking and positioning system at 24GHz

 Accurate position and exact  tracking process is the key factors effected in  motion.  Tracking and position system at 24GHz applies  where the technical process must be highly accurate and  precision reliable.

The system is widely adopted in distance measurement, collision-avoidance and pointing system and proved itself as unerring device. Even a hard dusty conditions  doesn’t attract any of  interferences, besides it has stable operation in multi reflection conditions. The construction of system is compact and reliable enough for diverse using options.


•          Operation frequency 24GHz

•          High accuracy

•          Operation in hard dusty conditions

•          Stable operation in multi reflection conditions

•          Compact and reliable construction

•          Meet ETSI EN 300 440-1 standard


•          Distance Measurement

•          Collision-Avoidance

•          Pointing system


Please check full product specification (Pdf, 2 M)