Oscillator at 84.5GHz with phase noise -102dBc/Hz@10kHz

 Ultra low phase noise fixed oscillator at 84.5GHz


Elva-1  designs oscillator at 84.5GHz with phase noise -102dBc/Hz@10kHz. This unique device has no analog on market, besides it serves as perfect tool to examine the very low signal and working on precise phase measurement.




1.       Output Frequency:                             84.5 GHz

2.       Output Power CW                              50 – 52 mW

3.       Frequency stability:                           10(-6)

4.       Phase noise at 84.4GHz:                     -102dBc/Hz@10kHz

5.       Waveguide port:                                WR-10 / UG-387/U

6.       Output 7.67GHz                                 SMA(f), 1mW

7.       Supplies:                                          +12VDC@350mA



8.      Power connector                                DB-9

9.      Thermostat                                       built-in

10.     Power supply:                                   220VAC (external unit)

11.     Construction                                     mounted on  plate