ELVA-1 short-range E-band 76 GHz maritime radar demo on a speedboat

ELVA-1 SDM360-76 E-band 76 GHz ultra short-range marine radar – demo on a speedboat

This video is a demo of ELVA-1 ultra short-range E-band 76 GHz marine radar when navigating along a narrow pass in the marina. The high-resolution radar picture is provided to the helmsman.

In addition, a proximity warning is displayed with a heading to the nearest obstacle (indicated by a red dot on the screen), and an optional audible alarm can be activated to warn of an obstacle.

ELVA-1 SDM360-76 radar is typically configured to show targets the size of a small navigation buoy or larger on its screen. However, the size of the target can be adjusted as desired by the customer, e.g. for a rescue boat, it can be set to an object with dimensions like a swimmer or a floating lifejacket.

See also: https://youtu.be/ihIOPieirgM – Demo of this marine radar on a sea tug

Interested in learning what E-band radar differs from S-band, X-band and K-band radars and what its advantages are, read our blog article Short-Range Marine Radar FAQ.

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