MobiBridge 10G V-band 10 Gbps radio for transportation market and V2X applications

World’s First Ultra-Compact 10GE Connectivity for V2X Applications including SELF-Driving Cars 

10 Gbps MobiBridge radio supports 7 x 2000 MHz sub-bands within 57-to-71 GHz V-band license freeELVA-1 MobiBridge 10G is all-weather universal radio link for true 10 Gigabit connectivity for V2X applications, train carriages interconnection, vessels to in-port broadband Internet access, public transport to the Internet at stops. MobiBridge radios support 7 sub-bands within 57-to-71 GHz V-band license-free frequency spectrum to comply with national regulation requirements worldwide. Each radio has a built-in electronically scanned antenna to search for other side radios and establishes the connection automatically.

For railways operators, ELVA-1 MobiBridge 10G provides the ability to dynamically create an end-to-end 10 gigabit network across the train. This is convenient for often carriage re-composition, changing the number of carriages on the train, depending on the route demand or seasonal load.


  • Throughput up to 10 Gbps
  • Full duplex mode
  • License free spectrum V-band 57-64 GHz or 57-71 GHz
  • 7 sub-bands @2000 MHz
  • Distance range up to 300 m
  • Universal design for rail transport,vessels and buses
  • Automatic setup and configuration
  • Easy to instal

MobiBridge 10G Specifications

Model MobiBridge 10G
Max Throughput 10 Gbps Full duplex
Max Channel Bandwidths 2000 MHz
Modulation QAM-128 to BPSK
Adaptive rate Hitless adaptive bandwidth, coding and modulation
Max Range depending on modulation 10 m @QAM128 / 300 m @BPSK
Ethernet Interface 1×SFP+ 10GBase-LR/SR,
1xCopper 1000/100Base-Tx for service
Antenna Built into radio unit
Ethernet Transparent for Ethernet services, Flow Control 802.3x, PTP
Power Supply PoE 20W
Power Connection IP-65 [optional IP-68]
Operational Temperature -50 to +60 °C / -58 to 140 °F
Humidity Up to 99%
Radio unit size (Depends on customer specifications)

For more info on this product, download MobiBridge 10G datasheet