Gaussian Optics Lens Antennas by ELVA-1

Gaussian Optics Lens Antennas by ELVA-1, frequency range 18 to 400 GHzGaussian Optics Lens Antennas by ELVA-1 is worthy choice for mainly near-field applications involving radars, plasma diagnostics, remote sensing, surveillance, communications systems, etc. The available datasheet below contains information on frequency choice, gain, pattern diagram, outline drawings and more.

The Gauss Optics Lens Antennas are available in various gain levels for each subband. The typical gain levels are within 25 to 55 dBi depending on frequency and size. ELVA-1 series GOLA antennas are available in 12 subbands from 18 to 400 GHz. The on-shelf products are up to 235 GHz, the subband of 235 to 400 GHz could be supplied upon request.

The shaped pieces of microwave-transparent material are used in the GOLA antenna systems to bend and focus the radio waves by refraction, as an optical lens does if for light. These antennas are much more efficient compare to conventional conical horn antennas: for the same size a gain improvement cold be +10 dB much with a very narrow beamwidth of about 1 degree.


• Plasma diagnostics
• Radars and remote sensing
• Material properties research
• Communication systems
• Surveillance systems

Often GOLA antennas are used for near-field applications such as plasma diagnostics and exploring of material properties.


Parameter Value
Frequency, GHz 18 to 400
Gain, dBi 25 to 55.5 (depending on frequency range)
VSWR (typ) 1.5:1
Sidelobes, dB (typ) 23
Net efficiency (typ) 50%
Dimensions Depends on selected frequency of operation and gain
(maximum aperture size 270 mm)
Model Number Frequency, GHz Waveguide Flange Gain, dBi
GOLA-K 18-26.5 WR-42 UG-595/U 25 to 31
GOLA-Ka 26.5-40 WR-28 UG-595/U 25 to 34.5
GOLA-Q 33-50 WR-22 UG-383/M 25 to 36
GOLA-U 40-60 WR-19 UG-383/U-M 25 to 38
GOLA-V 50-75 WR-15 UG-385/U 25 to 40
GOLA-E 60-90 WR-12 UG-387/U 25 to 41.5
GOLA-W 75-110 WR-10 UG-387/U-M 25 to 43.5
GOLA-F 90-140 WR-08 UG-387/U-M 25 to 45
GOLA-D 110-170 WR-06 UG-387/U-M 25 to 47
GOLA-G 140-220 WR-05 UG-387/U-M 25 to 49
GOLA-04 170-260 WR-04 UG-387/U-M 25 to 50.5
GOLA-03 220-330 WR-03 UG-387/U-M 25 to 53
GOLA-02 Up to 400



For more information about Gaussian Optics Lens Antennas by ELVA-1, please download GOLA datasheet

Download Gaussian Optics Lens Antennas by ELVA-1 datasheet

ELVA-1 offers on-shelf and custom-designed GOLA antennas, obtaining orders for a wide range of radiation pattern requirements.

Please send your request at ELVA-1 contacts page.