SYN-E/X/X Series E-band/W-band Portable Signal Generator

Portable Signal Generator SYN-E/X/X series E-band and W-band (optional)

ELVA-1 Portable Signal Generator for E-band and W-band

The Portable Signal Generator SYN-E/X/X series is digitally controlled millimeter wave synthesizer providing output frequency in E-band or W-band spectrum in few sub-bands. It is compact and light weight. Unlike many other analogues on the market, ELVA-1 signal generator provides a direct setting of the output frequency through the software application, without the hassle of using multiplication factors from the base frequency.

Software for mm-wave signal generatorHigh signal quality and adjustable power output with a 40 dB dynamic range and 1 kHz frequency resolution makes SYN-E/X/X series generator an ideal for use in test labs within scientific and industrial applications,

The availability of power supply both from the mains and from a mobile source, such as a car battery, allows the generator to be used for a wide range of laboratory, scientific and industrial applications.

SYN-E/X/X series generator available for E-band as standard models but also for W-band as custom-designed equipment.

Abbreviation code legend (How to order)

SYN-E/X1/X2#X3, where

  • X1 – start frequency
  • X2 – stop frequency
  • X3 – power in mW

SYN-E/70/72#200 means 200 mW version and 70 to 72 GHz frequency range
Available power options by default: 200 mW, 500 mW, 2000 mW. Contact us for custom power value for your project.

Spectrum covered

E-band/W-band signal generator spectrum covered

Consider E-band role to meet 5G requirements, SYN-E/X/X series generator can be used in lab or field environment to support test and development procedures of various millimeter wave equipment within 5G networks.


  • Low Phase Noise
    SYN-E Generator provides a high level of RF signal purity.
    Examples for 70 GHz frequency:
    ‒50 dBc/Hz @ 10 kHz offset
    ‒98 dBc/Hz @ 100 kHz offset
    ‒100 dBc/Hz @ 1 MHz offset
  • High Power & Small Size
    200 mW (+23 dBm) basic opt.
    500 mW (+27 dBm), option #1
    2000 mW (up to +33 dBm),option #2
    The output power options: Note. 2000 mW SYN-E model is housed in bigger case than on the photo.

Signal generator Datasheet and Quick Start Guide

E-band signal generator datasheet         E-band/W-band signal generator quick start guide
E-band signal generator datasheet E-band/W-band signal generator quick start guide