Broadband Frequency Multipliers/VCOs


Multiplication factor up to 9 High efficiency Broad band operation Low spurious harmonic contentLow phase and AM noise Small size, Compact design High reliability, rugged construction
Laboratory measurement and test equipment Sources of mm-wave power AM/PM possibility Electronic tuned power sources Spectroscopy/Radiometry
     Diode frequency multipliers are widely used in small size solid-state signal sources for use in mm-wave range. Step-recovery and Schottky diodes are used as non-linear elements in the BFM-XX frequency multipliers. The frequency multipliers have multiplication factor 2 or 3 and can be assembled in series. To increase output power an intermediate power amplifier can be used between two multiplier stages. The highest operating frequency reaches 170 GHz at multiplication factor 9. Nominal input frequency is within 11 – 20 GHz frequency range and input power level up to 100 mW. The phase and amplitude stability of the output signal are defined by the quality of the pumping source. The input of a multiplier is a coaxial connector, and the output is a waveguide flange. A broadband millimeter-wave voltage controlled oscillator (mm-wave VCO) can be assembled using a BFM-XX multiplier and 11-20 GHz VCO.


MODEL NUMBERBFM-28/2BFM-22/3BFM-15/4BFM-10/6BFM-06/9
Frequency range, GHz26-4033-5050-7575-110110-170
Output Waveguide WR-28WR-19WR-15WR-10WR-06
Waveguide flange UG-599/UUG-383/UUG-385/UUG-387/UUG-387/U-M
Total multiplication factor 234 (2×2)6 (2×3)9 (3×3)
Harmonics suppression, dBc >25>20>20>20>20 
Output power, mW (typ) 7-113-62-5*1-3*0.1-0.5
Inpunt power, mW (nom) 100100111
Input frequency, GHz 13.25-2011-16.712.5-18.7512.5-18.3312.22-18.88

* An intermediate power amplifier is installed between two multiplication stages

Typical data of output frequency are presented in the plots below.
Schematic diagram of BFM-10/6
Outline drawing of BFM-10/6 multiplier (mm)

How to order

Specify Model Number BFM-XX/M, where

XX – number of waveguide standard (Ex. 10 for WR-10 and 06 for WR-06)

 M  – multiplication factor


BFM-10/6 (W-band sextupler)

BFM-06/9 (D-band nanupler)