76 GHz SDM360-76RM Road Monitoring Radar Sensor

The SDM360-76RM radar sensor is a vital part of increasing road capacity without compromising safety. It provides the traffic control center with accurate and reliable vehicle tracking data and debris detection, no matter what the weather or lighting conditions are like.

The SDM360-76RM is intended to detect and subsequently notify of incidents including stopped cars, debris (FOD), collisions, passers-by people, and animals in the highway lanes and hard shoulder. It improves motorists’ safety by allowing smart signs and connected vehicles (including unmanned ones) to be integrated, delivering alerts straight to drivers and road safety personnel.

On photo: SDM360-76RM Road Monitoring
76 GHz Radar Sensor

Radar instantly detects any obstacle, — for example, scattered cargo or an emergency
vehicle. Information about this will be sent to the traffic control center to take an
action and close the lane. At the same time, information about the lane closure can be transmitted to unmanned vehicles, which can re-route and bypass the obstacle in time.

In all conditions, the system is highly effective. The system uses radar technology to provide exact incident detection and complete situational awareness; the SDM360-76RM system may be easily configured to fit customers’ unique requirements while seamlessly integrating with existing systems. The solution is cost-effective as it requires minimal infrastructure investment while allows fast setup,

Objects falling out of a truck or lorry can cause accidents and traffic jams. Drivers can damage their cars when they hit these objects or collide with other vehicles when avoiding such an obstacle. The radar can quickly detect foreign objects and the traffic operator will take action to close the lane and send a crew to remove the debris from the road.

SDM36-76RM radars work in all weather and light conditions, including fog, smog and dust – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Highway surface monitoring for foreign objects is important for several reasons.
– First, it can help to avoid accidents and traffic jams.
– Second, it can protect drivers and their cars from damage.
– Third, it can improve the efficiency of highway operations, provide excellent real-time accuracy and low false alarm rate.

10GE PPC-10G 70-80 GHz radio delivers data from the radars to the control room
Diagram of wireless connection of the radars to the traffic control room using ELVA-1 gigabit radios

76 GHz SDM360-76RM Road Monitoring Radar Specifications

Operationg range200 m
Range resolution0.15 m
Field if view 360°
Antenna rotation speed180 RPM
Radar frequency76.5  ± 0.5 GHz
(optional 80-81 or 94-95 GHz)
Max output radiation power on the antenna100 mW
Antenna typeBuilt-in
Beam width in the horizontal plane2 degrees
Beam width in the vertical plane 15 degrees
Output Interface1000Base-Tx UTP Ethernet
Protective radome included Yes
Environment protection classIP65 / IP67
Environment operating temperature-40 to +50 °С
Consumed electrical power100 W, 18-36 V DC
* PoE powering available