Broadband BWO oscillators 33-170 GHz

  • 37-170 GHz in 4 bands
  • Frequency accuracy 0.01%
  • Full waveguide sweep in all bands
  • Fully packaged and automated
  • Program from front panel or GPIB bus
  • Remote controlled, phase lockable
  • Bias tuneable for AFC
  • High output power


  • Instrumentation automated subsystems
  • Laboratory measurement and test equipment
  • Plasma diagnostics and spectrometer
  • Sweeping heterodyne receivers, frequency and spectrum analysis for gyrotrons

 SGMW-x series

The SGMW-x series is fully packaged sweeper source.  The sweeper consists of external module with BWO-X series and power supply.  There are all the electronic circuitry and power supplies required to provide the operation of BWO. The sweeper self-tests at turn-on. BWO tube is fully protected against improper voltage connections.  There are two inputs for external frequency and power control. Phase locking possibility is provided. Minimal built-in full band sweep time is 10 ms. One power supply can be used with different BWO. Particularly, the remote module with BWO tube allows using it at hard-to-reach places and can be installed quite away, somewhere near a scientist’s work desk. Another great advantage of this series of BWO sweepers is its power supply unit, that allows feed up to few BWO tubes even with different working frequencies.  Download operation manual for SGMW-x here
Common Specifications  
Frequency accuracy in the CW mode, ±0.01
Built-in Sweep Time, ms 10*
Maximum CW frequency stability for 15 min ±2*10-4
Residual FM max ±2*10-5
Output power regulation range, dB 0-10…20**
Output VSWR 1.5
Internal square-wave modulation frequencies, kHz 1-100
External square-wave modulation frequencies, kHz 1-100
Voltage for External Frequency Control, VDC 0 … +10
Voltage for External Power Control, VDC 0 … +10
Operating temperature range, °C +5…+40
AC Input Voltages 220 V, 50 Hz (110V/60Hz*)
Consumed power, VA 400
Size Power Supply SGMW, mm 490 x 480 x 272
Weight Power Supply SGMW, kg 38
Size BWO module for SGMW, mm 260 x 170 x 185
Weight BWO module for SGMW, kg 6
Length of connection cable for SGMW, m 1…2 (specify in order)

* Full one band sweep time: less then 200 microseconds with external frequency control
** Uncontrolled (not specified) parameter

Specifications SGMW-X-A
Frequency range, GHz 33-54  40-60 50-75  60-90  75-110  90-140 110-170
Output waveguide type WR22 WR19 WR15 WR12 WR10 WR08 WR06
Waveguide Flange UG-383/U UG-383/U-M UG-385/U UG-387/U UG-387/U-M UG-387/U-M UG-387/U-M
Minimum CW power, mW 50 100 25 25 20 40 20
Typical peak power, mW  150 200 80 80 80 80 60
Typical data for V and E bands BWO

How to Order:

Specify Model Number SGMW-X-A, where

X – Type of BWO tubes (E- Power supply with BWO-E, VV – power supply with BWO-W and BWO-E),

A – Length of cable in meters.

Example: BWO sweeper meets the following specification: operation frequency 50-75 and 60-90 GHz 1.5m connection cable, should be ordered as SGMW -VE-1.5