Matched & Cryogenic Waveguide Loads, Tunable Shorts

Matched & Cryogenic Waveguide Loads, Tunable Shorts

  • Up to 220 GHz operating frequency
  • (1.03…1.15) : 1 load VSWR
  • 20:1 Short VSWR
  • Wide band and narrow band units
  • Compact size
  • Easy mounting
  • Laboratory measurement and test equipment
  • Subsystems and assembles
  • Absolute calibration (cryogenic loads)
ELVA Waveguide Load 50-75 GHz ELVA Waveguide Load 50-75 GHz, VSWR <1.07
 Elva-Waveguide-Loads-50-75_GHZ-reflected-power  Elva-Waveguide-Loads-50-75_GHZ-VSWR-Graph

Note to graphs: VSWR is 1.07 max. This is at least 30 dB of reflected power suppression.

  • Matched and Cryogenic waveguide loads consist of tapered absorbers within a waveguide section.
  • Tunable Short has micrometer screw to move short circuits plane and vary path length.

The standard line of ELVA-1’s matched waveguide loads ML-XX/CF/BW series provides a low level of reflected power within a narrow or full waveguide band.

Cryogenic loads CL-XX/BW are to be used for absolute calibration tests: radiometers, noise sources, receivers, and noise figure measurements. They can be narrow or full band as well.

The SC-XX tunable shorts are ideally suited for precise adjusting of waveguide path length. Joined with circulators CR-XX/CF/BW series create tunable phase shifter PS-XX/CF/BW.

How to order

Specify Model Number ML/CL/SC— XX/CF/BW, where

XX  – number of waveguide standard (Ex. 10 for WR-10 and 06 for WR-06)

CF  – central frequency (in GHz)

BW – bandwidth (in GHz), is empty for full waveguide band


ML-10/94/2  – W-band matched load, WR-10, Central frequency 94 GHz, Bandwidth 2 GHz

All ELVA-1 waveguide loads & shorts are warranted by the manufacturer for one year after receipt.