Pulsed Noise Radar Front-end Module at 94 GHz

  • Powerful incoherent source
  • 1 W typical output power
  • High stability
  • 5 GHz white noise spectrum
  • No high voltage supply required
  • Compact solid state source
  • Ground control in airports and other facilities
  • Avoid collision systems
  • Precise distance measurement in dusty and/or humid atmosphere
  • Level sensing for any materials and liquids in tanks with foam/vapour
  • Robotic sensors
     High power pulse noise source PNS series is used for the illumination of target. Noise nature of probing signal avoids the problem of interference. Image obtained by means of noise radar allows to recognize target better then the image obtained by means of coherent radar.
Block Diagram of front end module
Frequency range, GHz 80÷100
Bandwidth of launched radiation, dB 5.0
Pulse duration, ns 50-100
Duty factor >100
On/Off ratio of the receiver protecting switch, dB 30
Power of output pulse, mW 500
ENR Flatness within launched bandwidth, dB ±1.5
Receiver noise factor, dB 7 – 9