Straight Waveguides, Bends, Twists, Transition/Adapters

  • 26.5-220 GHz operating frequency
  • Low Insertion loss
  • High quality
  • Mm-wave components assembling
  • Subsystems
     Different waveguide parts like straight waveguide sections (SWG-XX/L), bends (WB-XX/E/A), and tapered transitions/adapters (WGT-XX/YY/L) are used for assembling mm-wave components. ELVA-1 produces all the list of necessary elements.

     Straight waveguide sections have flanges at ends and can vary in length.

     Twists and bends are used for the connection of mm-wave components which have different waveguide orientations. They are short sections and have standard waveguide flanges at the ends.

     Tapered transitions are intended for the connection of mm-wave devices with different waveguide dimensions and flange types. Can also be produced by custom design.

     The waveguide components use standard rectangular copper tubes with standard waveguide dimensions or are made using electroforming technologies.

Standard components are silver-plated.

Custom requests are acceptable for the waveguide components. 

How to order

 Specify Model Number

– straight waveguide sections: SWG-XX/L

– bends: WB-XX/E/A

– twists: TW-XX/A

– tapered transitions/adapters: WGT-XX/YY, where

XX and YY – number of waveguide standard (Ex. 10 for WR-10 and 06 for WR-06)

L – length, mm

E – can be E for E-plane bend or H for H-plane bend

A – bend angle, empty if 90 degrees


 SWG-10/20, Straight W-band waveguide section with flanges, WR-10 waveguide. Length 20 mm.

WB-12/H, E-band waveguide bend with flanges, WR-12 waveguide, H-plane, 90 degrees angle.

WB-06/E/45, D- band waveguide bend with flanges, WR-06 waveguide, E-plane, 45 degrees angle.