TV / IP Broadcasting System


PPC-1000 Q&E band radio bridge

Иллюстрация The PPC-1000 product has 1000 Base-LX (optional 1000 Base-SX) connections at each end of the wireless link and transparently establishes the link...

PPC-350 Q&E band radio bridge

ИллюстрацияPPC-350 was specifically designed according to European ECC and US FCC performance requirements

PPC-10G-E-L2+ Radio with Advanced L2 Switch

ИллюстрацияPPC-10G-E 10Gbps Radio with L2+ Switch

PPC-1000-V 1GE MM-wave Link

ИллюстрацияLow cost 1000 Mbps radio at 60 GHz band

PPC-1000-E 1.25 Gbps Low Latency E-band/Q-band link

ИллюстрацияPPC-1000-E 1.25 Gbps Low Latency Radio for High-Frequency Trading (HFT) and private microwave network infrastructure

Millimeter Wave FMCW radar for Foreign Object Debris (FOD) Detection

ИллюстрацияELVA-1 FOD radar operates at 76 GHz searching debris at up  to 2000m distance at one loop. 

76 GHz Radar for Shunting Locomotive

ИллюстрацияE-band ELVA radar assists in coupling operations of shunting loco and railcar, operating in FCC unlisenced band.

220 GHz to 300 GHz OMIL-03/xxx/1 Oscillators Terahertz Series

ИллюстрацияSub-terahertz 220 GHz to 300 GHz custom-frequency-defined fully packaged oscillators. New from 2017.

PPC-10G Q&E band radio bridge

ИллюстрацияPPC-10G 10Gbps Full duplex radio link

mm-wave vibro sensor 24 and 94GHz

Иллюстрацияmm-wave vibro sensor 24 and 94GHz

SDM-76 Railway Radar

ИллюстрацияAll-weather SDM-76 Railway Radar

94 GHz and 130 GHz Transceiver Units for EPR ODMR Spectrometers

Иллюстрация94 GHz and 130 GHz Transceiver Units for EPR ODMR Spectrometers 

71-76 GHz Frequency Synthesizer for ODMR Spectrometer

Иллюстрация71-76 GHz Frequency Synthesizer for ODMR Spectrometer

Phase Locked BWO oscillators 33-170 GHz


BWO oscillators 33-170 GHz

ИллюстрацияELVA-1 BWO oscillators are fully packaged sweeper. BWO oscillators are available in all standard waveguide frequency regions from 37GHz to 140 GHz. Models with...

Active Frequency Multipliers 26-180 GHz

ИллюстрацияELVA–1 series IMPATT Active Frequency Multipliers IAFM are really unique devices providing an outstanding performance in terms of high efficiency and...

Cavity Stabilized Oscillators 26-150 GHz

ИллюстрацияELVA-1 presents mm-wave oscillators of CIDO-XX family operating at fixed frequency. The CIDO-XX are cavity-stabilized IMPATT diode oscillators. They...

High Performance Oscillators 26-180 GHz

ИллюстрацияComplete High performance fixed IMPATT oscillators are very stable solid state millimeter wave source with ultra low phase AM noise. Oscillator consists of...

Voltage Controlled Oscillators 26-180 GHz

ИллюстрацияComplete sweepable IMPATT oscillators consist of VCO 6-8 GHz, 50 mW output and IAFM multiplier. The stability would be increased upon request using a...

High Power Voltage Controlled Oscillators

ИллюстрацияMillimeter-wave oscillators of VCOM-XX series originally was designed for purposes of EPR spectroscopy and plasma diagnostics. It provides...

High Power Pulsed Oscillators

ИллюстрацияThe power oscillator consists of a pulsed IMPATT free-running oscillator, a pulsed IMPATT injection amplifier, two current modulators with chirp compensation...

Custom-Designed Solutions Oscillators


Injection-Locked Amplifier

ИллюстрацияELVA-1 Injection-locked Amplifiers IILA-XX series are intended for high-power amplification of CW and pulse mm-wave signals. They are offered in the...

Broadband Frequency Multipliers / VCOs

Иллюстрация Diode frequency multipliers are widely used in small size solid-state signal sources for use in mm-wave range. Step-recovery and Schottky diodes are...

Precision Calibrated Noise Sources


High Power Pulsed Noise Sources


Broadband Balanced Mixers


Zero-Biased Detectors


Drivers for Attenuators


SPST Switches up to 150 GHz


Down Converters & receivers


Downconverters in 70-140GHz for EFDA-JET


Voltage Variable Attenuators

ИллюстрацияELVA-1 series Voltage-Controlled Variable Attenuators VCVA is built on the base of PIN diodes as an active element. Modern technology allows to combine...

Waveguide components

ИллюстрацияStraight Waveguides, Bends, Twists, Transition/Adapter

Waveguide Directional Couplers

ИллюстрацияWaveguide Directional Couplers. ELVA series DC-XX 3-port directional couplers are available in six waveguide bands from 50 to 220 GHz. The standard coupling...

Circulators & Isolators

Иллюстрация26.5-220GHz Circulators and Isolators are ferrite waveguide components. There are two kinds of the products operating within narrow frequency band (1-4 GHz)...

Matched & Cryogenic Waveguide Loads, Tunable Shorts

Иллюстрация Matched and Cryogenic waveguide loads consist of tapered absorbers within a waveguide section. Tunable Shorts have micrometer screw to move short...

Standard Gain Horn Len's Antennas

ИллюстрацияStandard gain horn lens antennas cover the frequency range of 18 to 440 GHz in ten waveguide bands

Custom-Designed Horns up to 400 GHz

ИллюстрацияElva-1 would offer different antennas upon custom’s request. Please specify parameters below and we propose you optimized solution for your task.

Standard Gain Horn

ИллюстрацияStandard gain horns cover the frequency range of 18 to 440 GHz in ten waveguide bands

Cassegrain Antennas

ИллюстрацияELVA-1 has developed a low cost high performance millimeter wave Cassegrain antennas to meet needs of the broadband market. These antennas are dual...

Mm-Wave High Sensitive Power Meters

ИллюстрацияThe DPM-xx is a single-channel average power meter for RF to millimeter wave frequencies that measures absolute power from 10 MHz to 220 GHz.

Real Time Freq. Analyzers up to 180 GHz

ИллюстрацияReal time spectrum measurements with continuously repeated sweeping and accumulating the output data on the PC hard disc

GPS locked Freq. Meter up to 170 GHz

ИллюстрацияElva-1 specially designed GPS synchronized mm-wave frequency meter GPSFC-xx series. This solution allows to provide independent frequency measurement in...

Frequency Counter 70 to 330 GHz


Radar level/distance/speed measurement

ИллюстрацияFMCW 94/10/x Millimeter Wave Distance non-contact Sensor (option X: 100 - 600mm Cassegain antenna) is a high-accuracy non-contact level measurement...

FMCW Radar at 94 GHz 1 Front-end 10mW

ИллюстрацияFMCW radar ar 94 GHz front-end is ideal instrument to build millimter wave radar and imaging system

Doppler Radar Front-end at 24 & 94 GHz


Pulsed Noise Radar Front-end at 94 GHz

FMCW Radar Front-end at 94 GHz 200mW


Custom-Designed radars, up to low THz


Radiometers for Plasma Diagnostics


Interferometers and Reflectometers


mm-wave Bridges for EPR Spectrometers