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High Power Pulsed IMPATT Oscillators


  • High power output levels 3-30W
  • High efficiency
  • Low spurious harmonic content
  • Low phase and AM noise
  • Applications

    • Power sources
    • Radars
    • Spectroscopy

         The power oscillator consists of a pulsed IMPATT free-running oscillator, a pulsed IMPATT injection amplifier, two current modulators with chirp compensation and triggering voltage generator. Power output is a waveguide flange, triggering pulse output is a coaxial SMA connector.

    Common specifications
    Fixed Operation Frequency in range, GHz 40-150*
    Output pulsed power, W 3-30*
    Pulse width, ns 80
    Chirp bandwidth, GHz 0,4
    Repetition Frequency, kHz 50
    Output Standard waveguide with UG series flange
    DC Power +48...+56C DC / 100mA, +12V DC / 100mA
    * Typical performance: 20W at 94 GHz, 3.5W at 140GHz

    How to order

    Specify Model Number PSFR-XX-A, where

    XX – Center frequency

    A   – External voltage power supply,

    0 = no power supply, 1 = 110 VAC/60Hz, 2 = 220 VAC/50Hz, 3 = 100 VAV/50Hz