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Drivers for Attenuators VCVA Series  

ELVA-1 offers drivers series for control of Solid-State electrical controlled attenuators.

Analog Linear Driver, Part No. ADL-10/100 

 This deriver converts 0 -  +10V input volts to 0 - +100mA biasing current for feeding of attenuator. 


Input signal:                                 0..+10 V;

Output current:                             0…100 mA; 

Power supply:                               +/-12 VDC 120mA(max); 

Control Input/Output connectors:     SMA female.


Analog Linear Driver with fast switching mode, Part No. ADLFM-10/100

This deriver provides two modes of operation: ‘slow mode’ and ‘fast mode’. In ‘slow mode’ driver operates as a linear converter voltage  to  current  and  provides  0 -  +10V input  voltage  range  volts  to 0 - +100mA output current. Second mode allows to use VCVA as "on/off" fast modulator. In "fast mode" the driver applies a short negative voltage pulse to accelerate the fall time. Typical Response Function of the attenuation for VCVA is shown on the plot below. 

Specifications for slow mode

Input signal:                                   0..+10 V;

Output current:                               0…100 mA; 

Power supply:                                 +/-12 VDC 120mA(max);

 Control Input/Output connectors:      SMA female. 


 Attenuation response function for ‘slow’ and ‘fast’ modes


GPIB and RS-232 Driver, Part No. GPDVC-15/100/RS

This deriver can operate via GPIB and RS-232 interfaces. User should send 12 bits code for setting desired attenuation. The driver converts sent code in biasing current in range 0-100 mA.  


Input range:                            12 bits; 

Output current:                        0…100 mA;

Power supply:                          100-240V AC;

Control Output connectors:        SMA female.


Digital Drivers

Upon request Elva-1 can design driver with any digital interface. Please contact with factory.