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GPS Locked Mm-Wave Frequency Meter up to 170 GHz


  • GPS stability and accuracy
  • Compact sizes

  • High precision frequency measurement
  • World standard frequency references
Elva-1 specially designed GPS synchronized mm-wave frequency meter GPSFC-xx series. This solution allows to provide independent frequency measurement in different laboratories with absolute accuracy.

Block-diagram of the frequency meter


Mm-wave frequency meter GPSFC-xx series can be designed for operation in 26-170GHz frequency range. Frequency window analyze for one frequency point of reference synthesizer 12-18 GHz is (Fr x N)+/-0.1 GHz. By switching the reference synthesizer user could cover all desired frequency band. User control and output interfaces could be adapted according to customer’s specification.

 As an example below specification for GPSFC-94/0.1 with analog output is presented:

 Electrical specifications  
Input frequency range ‘M0’: 93.86 +/-0.102 GHz;
Input frequency range ‘M1’: 93.94 +/-0.102 GHz;
Input frequency range ‘M2’: 93.96 +/-0.102 GHz;
Frequency Control: 2 bits;
Control signal: TTL;
Input power: -10…+3 dBm;
Input w/g: WR-10, UG-387/U-M;
Output: 0 - +10V (see measured data);
Sensitivity (typ): 0,010524 GHz/V;
Integration time: 1sec;
Output connector: BNC;
Input / output for HM: SMA(f) / BNC
Supply: +9…+18 VDC @ 1.5A;
Operation temperature: -25 ... +60°C
 Mechanical specifications  
 Size  220x145x55 mm
 Weight  2 kg
Plot with dependence Output voltage vs Input frequency and switched range