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Portable Signal Generator SYN-E/X/X series E-band and W-band (optional)

ELVA-1 Portable Signal Generator for E-band and W-band

The Portable Signal Generator SYN-E/X/X series is digitally controlled millimeter wave synthesizer providing output frequency in E-band or W-band spectrum in few sub-bands. It is compact and light weight. Unlike many other analogues on the market, ELVA-1 signal generator provides a direct setting of the output frequency through the software application, without the hassle of using multiplication factors from the base frequency.

Software for mm-wave signal generatorHigh signal quality and adjustable power output with a 40 dB dynamic range and 1 kHz frequency resolution makes SYN-E/X/X series generator an ideal for use in test labs within scientific and industrial applications,

The availability of power supply both from the mains and from a mobile source, such as a car battery, allows the generator to be used for a wide range of laboratory, scientific and industrial applications.

SYN-E/X/X series generator available for E-band as standard models but also for W-band as custom-designed equipment.




Spectrum covered

E-band/W-band signal generator spectrum covered

Consider E-band role to meet 5G requirements, SYN-E/X/X series generator can be used in lab or field environment to support test and development procedures of various millimeter wave equipment within 5G networks.



Signal generator Datasheet and Quick Start Guide

E-band signal generator datasheet                          E-band/W-band signal generator quick start guide          
E-band signal generator datasheet
E-band/W-band signal generator quick start guide