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Frequency Counter for Spectrum up to 330 GHz



  • Operation frequency 70-330 GHz
  • Fully automated
  • Remote control
  • High accuracy

  • High precision frequency measurement
  • Test equipment

Frequency counter (frequncy meter) is intended for measuring frequency in range 70 to 330 GHz. The device  is based on sweepable heterodyne receiver. Fully automated system allows to measure frequency without preselection of frequency range. This solution is ideal for laboratory test measurement.


Input Frequency range 70 – 330 GHz
Maximum input + 10 dBm
Minimum input -20 dBm
Damage level +13 dBm
Dynamic range 30 dB
Standard  Input connectors  Flange UG-378/U-M
Standard  Input waveguide WR-10
Standard Output connector SMA
Modes of operation Counter
Accuracy +/- 1 MHz
Resolution 1 kHz
IF Output 50-100 MHz
Control Interface GPIB
Power Supply     230 V, +/- 10%, 50- 60 HZ,~200 VA
Operating temperature range +10°C…+ 50°C