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Interferometers and Reflectometers for Plasma Diagnostics up to 300 GHz


  • High performance
  • High sensitivity
  • Fixed frequency
  • Ultrafast scan 10mks
  • Full band operation
  • Original software for temperature profile




Elva-1 supplies different solutions for measurement jf plasma density and turbulence profiles. Our systems are installed practically on all TOKAMAKs over the World.

Below presented typical solution for ultrafast 10 mks full W-band scan reflectometer.


Please send request and we propose you optimized solution.


New (2018) 300 GHz two channel interferometer for Jet Plasma researcg at TAE Technologies

1. 170 GHz one channel Interferometer

2. 140 GHz one channel Interferometer

3. 94 GHz sweepable Interferometer

4. 140 GHz Multichannel Interferometer

5. 26-40 GHz Sweepable Reflectometer

6. 2-13 GHz Sweepable Reflectometer