FMCW Radar Front-end at 94 GHz 10mW

  • On-line measurement
  • High directivity with small antennas
  • Equipped with antennas by customer choice
  • Portability
  • High accuracy
  • Environmental safety
  • Robotic sensors
  • Avoid collision systems
  • Ground control in airports and other facilities
  • Precise distance measurement in dusty and humid atmosphere
  • Level sensing for any materials and liquids in tanks with foam/vapour
Block Diagram of FMCW-94/200/xx front end module
Centre Frequency:94 GHz
Output RF Power:+10 dBm (min)
Frequency Stability:5*10-6 1/°C
Sweep Range:200 MHz (min)
Minimal Sweeping Time:100 μs
Linearity:0.7% (max)
Tuning Sensitivity:>50 MHz/V
Reverse Isolation:17 dB (min)
IF Frequency:4 kHz to 2 MHz
RF to IF Gain:32 dB (typ)
Waveguide/Flange:WR-10 / UG-387/U-M
IF and Frequency Control Connector:SMA (f)
DC Power:+12 V/300 mA, -12 V/ 50mA +27 V/200 mA/(+500 mA heater)
Mass:1200 g (max)
Operating Temperature:-40 to +70 °C
Outline Drawing 

How to order

Specify Model Number FMCW-94/200/10, where

94   – center operation frequency, GHz

200 – linear sweep bandwidth, MHz

10  – output power, mW

To get other specification, please contact with factory,