ELVA-1 WR-10 full waveguide band SPST PIN switch with TTL drive

SPST-10 Switch for Full WR-10 Waveguide Band 75 to 110 GHz

  •  Full WR-10 waveguide band
  • 75 to 110 GHz
  • Switching Rise/Fall Time: 1 ns
  • Switching speed: ON 3 ns, OFF 1.5 ns
  • Insertion losses, dB: 3 (typ.)
  • Isolation, dB: 25 (typ.)

ELVA-1 WR-10 full waveguide band SPST PIN switch with TTL drive

  • Radar Systems
  • Communication Systems
  • Testing Equipment
ELVA-1 SPST-10 switches is built on slim film PIN diodes. Built-in TTL driver provides switching time 4-6 ns and unique technology allows to get more than 10% operation with small insertion losses and isolation more than 30 dB.
Parameter Value
Frequency, GHz 75 to 110
Insertion losses, dB 3.1±1
Isolation, dB (min) 24
Switch Type Reflective
Normal position closed Voff = 0 V, Von = +5 V (TTL)
Switching speed ON – 3 ns (typ.); OFF 1.5 ns (typ.)
Rise/Fall Time 10%/90% 1 ns
TTL port SMA (F)
VSWR 1.65:1 (typ.)

Power and physical characteristics

Max continuous power 100 mW
Waveguide and flanges WR-10, UG387/U-M Anti-Cocking Flanges
DC Power +5 to +12V @1 mA
Dimensions, mm 49 x 36 x 24
Weight, g 200
SPST-10 Datasheet
ELVA-1 ELVA-1_75-110GHz_Single_Pole_Single_Throw_(SPST)_WR-10_Full_Waveguide_Band_Switch Datasheet_2023 Datasheet     Download  SPST-10 switch datasheet for more information.
How to order

Specify Model Number SPST-10/FB, where FB means full band model.

Please consider an option of customizing this SPST-10 switch in a narrower band to reduce insertion losses to less than the typical 3 dB value. Please feel free to contact ELVA-1 for detail.