Sub-Terahertz Noise Sources Up To 330 GHz

Noise Sources 140 To 330 GHz @Sub-Terahertz-Spectrum

Sub-Terahertz Noise Sources Up To 330 GHz
  • These sub-mm wave noise sources are unique ISSN-05 (140 to 220 GHz) and ISSN-03 (220 to 330 GHz) and have extended operating frequency range
  • Provide the high level of noise power spectral density within the whole waveguide frequency range.
  • Silicon IMPATT diode is employed as a building block.


  • ENR > 45 dB typical 
  • Good flatness
  • No high voltage supply required
  • Compact solid state architecture


  • Laboratory and test equipment
  • Sub-mm-wave measurements 
  • Calibration of sub-THz receivers 
  • Noise figure measurement


The ISSN-XX noise sources produce a high level of noise power spectral density within the whole waveguide frequency range. These sub-mm-wave sources are available in WR-05 (140-220 GHz) and WR-03 (220-330 GHz) waveguide bands ranges and are based on silicon IMPATT diode which is employed as a fundamental building block of the source.

The new devices are intended for test and instrumentation applications in place of gas-tube noise sources. Low DC power requirements eliminate the need for complex high voltage supplies. There are two operation modes: CW mode and pulsed AM mode with modulation frequency up to 1 kHz. Typical value of excess noise ratio (ENR) as a function of frequency is given on the table below.

  For more information download “ISSN-03 / ISSN-05 140-330 GHz noise sources booklet“.


Frequency range140 – 220 GHz220 – 330 GHz
ENR*45 dB*50 dB*
VSWR load1.5:1 (max)1.5:1 (max)
Triggering VoltageTTLTTL
Stability, dB/°C0.0250.025
Stability, dB/day (typical)0.050.05
Power Supply input Voltage100 – 240 V AC 50/60 Hz100 – 240 V AC 50/60 Hz
Noise Source biasing ConnectorBNC-FBNC-F
Noise Source external trigger connectorSMA-FSMA-F
Power Supply output ConnectorBNC-FBNC-F
Weight3.3 kg (noise source) + 0.6 kg (PSU)3.3 kg (noise source) + 0.6 kg (PSU)
Operating temperature range10 to 45 °C10 to 45 °C
Waveguide flange materialWaveguide flange materialWaveguide flange material

*) Device with lower typical ENR is possible to order by special request 

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